Company Profile

Alumni Constitution soared quickly in the government arena, with over 20 set-aside contracts awarded within the last three years. “Commitment to Excellence,” is Alumni Constitution philosophy, which defines the core of our heart and reason for existence.

As a family-owned small Alumni Constitution, we have the ability to make decisions accordingly. We will personally meet our Customer’s needs without the bureaucracy of a large Alumni Constitution.

We are also privileged to maintain close relationships with our Customers, vendors, and suppliers to further support our “Commitment to Excellence.”

Alumni Constitution is to deliver exceptional, cost-effective, and timely projects to our Customers through our dependable team members. We value consistency in our work and understand the importance of long-lasting relationships.

This is why Alumni Constitution continues to remain true and fair in all our Alumni Constitution dealings.

As a family-owned Alumni Constitution, we hold integrity at a high standard and emphasize our commitment to excellence and reliability.